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More than 100 leaders of the Tunisian “Ennahda” movement resign

More than one hundred leaders of the Tunisian “Ennahda” movement indicated in a statement that they had resigned from the movement, including deputies, former members of the Constituent Assembly, members of the Shura Council and regional officials.
Also, 113 leaders and renaissance members signed their resignations from the party, stressing that the direct reason for the collective resignation was their acknowledgment of the failure to reform the party from within and the acknowledgment that the current leadership bears full responsibility for the movement’s isolation in the national arena, in addition to bearing an “important amount.” From the responsibility for the general situation in the country, who refuses to allow a coup against the constitution and the institutions emanating from it.
The statement said that the “wrong political choices of the leadership of the Ennahda movement” led to “its isolation and its failure to actively engage in any common front to resist the imminent authoritarian danger represented by the decisions of September 22, 2021.”
Among the signatories of the resignation statement were first-class leaders such as Abdellatif Al-Makki, Samir Dilo and Muhammad bin Salem, and a number of members of the House of Representatives with outstanding competencies, such as Jamila El-Kissi, Toumi Hamrouni, Rabab Al-Latif and Nusaiba Ben Ali, and a number of members of the National Constituent Assembly, such as Amal Azzouz, And a number of members of the National Shura Council, regional Shura councils, and regional and local offices.

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