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More than 122,000, including 5,000 Americans, have been evacuated

Today, Monday, the US Department of Defense revealed that more than 122,000, including 5,400 Americans, have been evacuated from Afghanistan, stressing that “we are working to help as many people as possible to leave Afghanistan.”
Pentagon spokesman John Kirby stressed in a press conference, “We take the reports of civilian casualties in the US raid on Kabul yesterday seriously, and are investigating civilian casualties as a result of our raids,” stressing that “no one wants innocent people to fall if We had a role in the killing of any civilian as a result of our operations, and we will announce that.”

Kirby said: “There was no damage from the three missiles that landed in Kabul, and the fourth missile that fell at the airport did not affect the evacuation mission from Afghanistan,” declaring that “we will continue to respond to threats in Afghanistan quickly and forcefully.”
He added: “Operations in Afghanistan will end soon, but our efforts are continuing to support humanitarian relief, and despite the fact that the mission is dangerous, we have the ability to continue our operations with the continued withdrawal of our forces,” noting that “we do not expect a military role now in Afghanistan.”
Kirby announced that “the forces in Afghanistan have instructions to respond to any threat,” adding that “no one could have imagined the record speed with which the Afghan government fell.”

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