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Moscow announces the release of most of the detainees and all minors who participated in yesterday’s demonstrations

The Russian Human Rights Defense Organization said that the majority of those detained in Moscow were released yesterday, Saturday, against the background of unauthorized demonstrations, and that all detained minors were released.

“Most of the detainees, according to preliminary data, have been released from the police,” Alexei Brianeshnikov, the coordinator of the Human Rights Defense Commission, whose lawyers provided legal aid to the detainees, said, adding that he had no data on the number of people still in the police stations. ..

About 4,000 people participated in the demonstrations yesterday, Saturday, in Moscow, and according to data from the Ministry of the Interior in Moscow, the police arrested about 600 people.

The in charge of children’s affairs in Moscow, Olga Yaroslavskaya, announced that all minors detained during unauthorized demonstrations in Moscow have been released and returned to their families.

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