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With the start of 2022

Make sure you listen to the top 10 Arabic songs according to YouTube

Another time – Ruby

The Egyptian singer “Ruby” topped the first place for the most listened Arab songs on YouTube, where her song “Hatta Tania” gained more than 139 million views during 2021, and this album is her first return to the world of singing after many years of full-time acting.

My love – Hassan Shakoush and Yasmine Rais

After the great success of the Egyptian actress “Yasmine Raeis” in her Ramadan series “Maluk Al-Jada’ana”, she repeated the experience by appearing in the clip of the popular singer “Hassan Shakoush”, the clip managed to gain 121 million views.

Medley songs by Mohamed Hamaki

The young Saudi singer “Zina Emad” managed to collect more than 111 million views on her distinguished singing of the songs of the Egyptian singer “Mohamed Hamaki”, which was presented by “Mohamed Hamaki” himself to the audience at one of his concerts in Jeddah, after he noticed her great success on the social media.

I thank your beauty – Abdullah the faithful

The young Saudi singer, “Abdullah Al-Mukhlis, who is famous for his songs and traditional songs, managed to collect more than 89 million views on his new song, “Thank You Jamalak”, to get fourth place in the list of the most listened Arab songs on YouTube.

Possible – Belqis and Saif Nabil

A very big uproar and a special case caused by this duet, which brought together the Emirati singer “Bilqis” and the Iraqi singer “Saif Nabil”, as it was a strong return for the star “Bilqis” after a long period of disappointing news, so that the video achieved more than 104 million views. Hasret – tilapia

The popular Tunisian singer “Balti” managed to reach the sixth place in this list through his song “Yahsra”.

The Liar Puff – Ali Kakoli

Kuwaiti actor and program presenter “Ali Kakoli”, who recently entered the world of singing and was able to book his place in the list of the most listened to Arab songs in 2021, which garnered more than 83 million views.

Ashmak – Mahmoud Al-Turki

The Iraqi singer “Mahmoud Al-Turki” began his career in 2012 and managed to achieve more than 97 million views for his sad romantic song “Ashmak”, which he published in mid-2021.

Another World – Moh Milano

After his song dominated the trending lists in YouTube for a long time, after “Mashafuhash” collected 300 million views, “Moh Milano” booked his place in the list of the most listened to with his song “Another World”.

My life – Hamada Nashawati

The star of popular festivals, the owner of the song “My Love Your Love”, which collected more than 230 million views in 2020, returns to the list again this year with “Naz Dej” in the song “My Life Welcome”, which has collected 96 million views so far.

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