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Movie stars around the world shine with diamonds…and this is the fashion stone of 2024

The looks of the stars at the closing ceremony of the 77th Cannes Film Festival were distinguished by many striking looks of movie stars around the world, most of whom were adorned with precious stones and diamonds from the most luxurious jewelry in different designs, to highlight the beauty of the dresses.
The head of the jury at the 2024 Cannes International Film Festival, Greta Groening, caught attention with long diamond earrings decorated with sapphire stones from Chopard, highlighting the beauty of her black dress.
This comes as the emerald stone recorded a remarkable presence by most of the festival’s stars, making it the top of the high jewelry fashion show for the year 2024, while the appearance of actress Ralit Shah formed the most prominent of his designs, with a look of white gold paved with diamonds with a group of large emerald stones.

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