Naam and Ramadan Damascene sweets

Fluffy clouds” driven by the fresh spring air covered with drops of sweet grape molasses, flowing like a dream from the hands of sellers in the old neighborhoods of Damascus while their voices resound: “The air has thrown you, O smooth.”
Hardly a street in the capital’s neighborhoods is devoid of “soft” sweets with their crunchy taste, the delicious grape molasses that adorns them, and their varied and varied shapes, to add to the blessed month of Ramadan one of its most prominent rituals and presents Damascenes with flashes of overwhelming happiness.
“The air has thrown you, O Naem. Eat the good for the good. Sweeten your breakfast, O Saim.” Issam Abu Walid stands on the corner of a street in old Damascus, while the ancient walls echo his voice.
In his interview with “Sputnik”, Abu Walid explains that the soft candy is a Ramadan sweet that is sold in Damascus during the month of Ramadan only, and it is made of water and flour, where the flour is kneaded with water and spread on copper trays, then formed in the form of discs of different sizes and shapes, these are dried The discs are in the air in the sun and fried in oil, then decorated with grape molasses.
Abu Walid says: “Al-Naem is a popular and traditional dessert. Everyone can buy it, whether the rich or the poor. We make a variety of sizes, and the customer can buy the size that suits his budget.”
He added: “The demand for purchase witnessed a clear decline this year, as the raw materials of flour, oil and others became expensive, which affected the volume of our sales, as the price of a single piece of fine flour became approximately $2, but despite that, no Damascene family can spend the month of Ramadan. without tasting softness.”
Al-Naem and Al-Nahsh… The Ramadan Spirit of Damascus – Sputnik Arabic, 1920, 04.23.2022
“Al-Naem” and “Al-Nahsh”… The spirit of Ramadan in Damascus
© Sputnik . Mohamed Damour
Despite adding a distinctive identity to the face of Damascus in the holy month, “Al-Naem” is not unique to this feature alone, as the crunchy “Nahsh” sweets crowd it out to attract fasting people as well.
As the evening hours approach, Damascenes flock to Ramadan sweets shops, such as Nahish, Maaruk, and Qatayef, which choose their colors with remarkable care, and present the fasting people with breathtaking scents that penetrate the souls and hearts.
Abu Ahmed Falaha, a seller of Nahish sweets, talks to “Sputnik” about the ingredients of this delicious dessert that is unique to the blessed month of Ramadan. He says: “Nahsh is layers of dough cooked with municipal ghee and stuffed with fresh cream, formed in the form of crisp, circular layers on top of it. Cream and crunchy pistachio nuts.
Al-Naem and Al-Nahsh… The Ramadan Spirit of Damascus – Sputnik Arabic, 1920, 04.23.2022
“Al-Naem” and “Al-Nahsh”… The spirit of Ramadan in Damascus
© Sputnik . Mohamed Damour
In Damascus, it is difficult to imagine Ramadan streets and neighborhoods without “Al-Naem” and “Al-Nahesh” in particular. Today, the lucky people who are able to buy these sweets, even in small quantities, smile, collect what has settled at the bottom of their pockets, before they are scattered in front of the stalls and shops, drawing Their faces are satisfied smiles that lack an eloquent explanation, they extend their hands as they mutter: “Ramadan Kareem.”

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