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Nadine Njeim insists on dedicating her award in the “Murex d’Or”, so what did she say?

Lebanese star Nadine Njeim published
A video clip through her official account on the social networking site “Instagram”, in which she appeared as she received the award for the best Lebanese Arab actress in the “Morex Role 2021” Awards, and it appeared in the video how she was interrupted by the presenter of the ceremony during the awarding of the award to her two sons, while Nadine insisted on continuing.
Nadine wrote a comment with the video on “Instagram” in which she confirmed that it was because of her children that she reached this place and said: “The award for the best Lebanese Arab actress in the Arab world.”
And Nadine added, jokingly: “They came to the other… Since he cut my words, I will take it here… A big kiss for my children. Because of you and your generosity, I have reached this position and I will stop! Thank you Al Sabah Company for your trust in me and your great love for me and all the people who love me. my strength.

Nadine had surprised the audience by announcing that she would not attend the 2022 Ramadan drama season during the ceremony, as she confirmed that the producer, Sadiq Al-Sabah, understood her position.
Nadine also responded to some inquiries through her accounts on the social media, stressing that there is no second part of the Twenty Twenty series.
In the Ramadan 2022 season.
The series was expected to be present in Ramadan 2022, after the success of the first season of work, which was shown in Ramadan 2021.

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