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Nadine Njeim nervously responds to her followers

Nadine Nassib Njeim to one of the followers: Sidi Bouzak, cheap

The Lebanese actress, Nadine Njeim, went out of her way and attacked the followers who wrote an inappropriate comment after the news of Najim’s association with a young man of Aleppo nationality came out.
And the follow-up wrote: “Unfortunately, she has been married to Hadi, and she knows him and ruined her house, unfortunately, but the one who starts a mistake is sure, the end of it is known.” Nadine Njeim replied to her while she was angry: “You fill your bag and run out after missing a cheap unit, you take money, you come to talk about a person who is tired as she is. The one who sold you was supposed to understand you and explain to you that I decided to leave, and I did not come out and I did not regret it. I have a thousand reasons. Or my divorce, I will drag you wherever you are, and you will be imprisoned, cheap.”
Where Nadine Nassib Njeim had shared a recent photo with the public through her own account, the photo showed her hand holding the hand of a mysterious man without revealing his identity or face, and commented: “There is no need to comment…just wait.”

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