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Nadine Njeim Sama is under control in the second part

Lebanese star Nadine Njeim excited her fans for her awaited Ramadan series “2024” and for the character “Captain Sama” that she plays in the series, through posts and photos on her official accounts on social networking sites.
Nadine Njeim published a video clip on her official account on the social networking site “Instagram”, in which she appeared as the character “Captain Sama” from the series, carrying her weapon and aiming at the target. Nadine Njeim said in her comment on the video: “Sama is under control… Ramadan series… 2024 soon.”
A large number of the star’s fans and followers interacted with the video and pointed out that the outfit in which she appeared in the video indicates that the atmosphere of the 2024 series will be of a high degree of suspense, excitement, and confrontations between “Captain Sama” and her enemies.
Nadine Njeim had excited her fans for the series a few days ago, as she published the first behind-the-scenes photo of the character “Captain Sama,” while she did not reveal any details regarding the series and the new confrontations that the character will go through in the work, which is the second season of the 2020 series, in which Nadine starred with the star. Syrian Qusay Khouli, while co-starring in the 2024 series with the Syrian star Mohamed Al-Ahmad, is written by Bilal Shehadat and directed by Philip Asmar. Filming of the series is currently ongoing so that he will be present in the competition in the next Ramadan drama season.
For his part, the Syrian star Qusay Khouli had sparked controversy over the work with his recent statements, as he confirmed that he would be sad if there was an extension of his character in the second season of the series, while the creators of the work confirmed that the character of Safi, which Qusay played in the 2020 series, has nothing to do with the work in its second season 2024. In which Nadine co-stars with Syrian star Mohamed Al-Ahmad.
Nadine Njeim also attended the opening of the Red Sea International Film Festival in its third session, where she expressed her great admiration for the festival and its organization. She confirmed from the festival that “the Red Sea International Film Festival is very important, because it confirms that our capabilities are no less than others so that we can present festivals of this magnitude and of this beauty and bring together… Stars from all over the Arab world and the world.

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