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Nancy Ajram performs at the Miss Lebanon concert

On the 24th of July, the Lebanese will have a new date for the Miss Lebanon announcement ceremony, after a three-year hiatus, while the party will celebrate the star Nancy Ajram in Beirut.

The preparations for the ceremony began six months ago, so that the Miss Lebanon contest will return this year under the slogan “we miss Lebanon”, which is the artistic, cultural and media aesthetic event, to elect Miss Lebanon for 2022.

Where registration for the competition opened last December, for girls (between 18 and 25 years old) to participate in the Royal Tulip Hotel in Ashrafieh, while the followers considered that there was a unique opportunity after girls residing outside Lebanon were allowed to participate in this competition.

The last election of Miss Lebanon was in 2018, when Maya Raidy was crowned queen on the throne of Lebanese beauty during an evening broadcast on the Lebanese MTV channel.

Raidy held the title for three years, after the ceremony could not be held due to the protests that Lebanon witnessed in October of 2019, as well as the spread of the Corona pandemic, which prevented the holding of parties and the imposition of special precautionary measures to protect against this virus.

The committee, composed at that time of the artist Nancy Ajram, Miss South Africa for the year 2017, Demi Lee Peter, the journalist George Kordahi, the former Miss Lebanon star Nadine Nassib Njeim, the artist Guy Manoukian (representing the Ministry of Tourism), the Lebanese international fashion designer Nicola Gibran, the actor and presenter Programs: Adel Karam, makeup artist Bassam Fattouh, and jewelry designer Doumit Zoughaib.

In the final filter, five female candidates answered the unifying question they were asked, “In your opinion, what is the biggest failure in life?”

Fourth runner-up was Tatiana Sarofim, third runner-up, Vanessa Yazbek, second runner-up, Yara Bou Monsef, second runner-up, and Mira Al-Tufaili, first runner-up. Mayaridi won the Miss Lebanon 2018 title at the age of 22, a fifth-year pharmacy student, and she was crowned Miss Lebanon for the year 2017 Perla. sweet.

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