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Nancy Ajram’s constant surprises

The Lebanese star, Nancy Ajram, is living a summer season full of artistic surprises and lyrical works. Days after her big surprise in the song “Sah Sah” with international distributor Marshmello, she returned and announced another surprise with rapper Marwan Pablo.

Where distributor Hassan El Shafei revealed a big surprise to Nancy Ajram’s fans today, in cooperation with her in a new summer song, and revealed the first details of the new song, which will bring Nancy Ajram together with Egyptian rapper Marwan Pablo for the first time, which is what the audience longed for the new song, and their enthusiasm to see cooperation between the trio, Especially since it is the first time that Hanansi Ajram meets with a rapper in a work of art, in addition to her cooperation with Hassan El Shafei.

Distributor Hassan Al-Shafei also announced the new surprise in an innovative and distinctive way, and published the text of the conversation between him and Marwan Pablo and Nancy Ajram, and told them that the song was ready, and sent it to them on “WhatsApp”, and documented their reaction to the song that will be presented entitled “Live it Well”, and Nancy Ajram described The song was “dangerous”, and she thought it would make a big noise, and Marwan Pablo agreed with her and commented with the same word, which seems to be one of the lyrics of the song.

Nancy Ajram also continued her artistic activity through concerts, as she announced several new concerts for her, most notably her new concert in Riyadh during the Gamers season. Right.” The concert will be held at Muhammad Abdo Theater in Riyadh Boulevard tomorrow.

Nancy Ajram also announced another concert for her in Lebanon on August 18, at a time when she was reaping the success of her last summer song, “Sah Saha”, which topped the lists of the most popular for a while, as well as achieved great public success, and the viewership of the clip on YouTube reached more than 27 million. Scenes in one month of its release.

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