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Nancy invites Alyssa to reconcile with Ziad

The Lebanese star, Elissa, revealed the continuation of her legal dispute with her compatriot, the artist, Ziad Burji, in the case of their dispute over the song “Ana Wabs / Bteer”.

On the sidelines of her last concert in Punta Cana in South America, Elissa said, commenting on Nancy Ajram’s invitation to reconcile with Burji: “Ziyad’s story is settled for the judiciary.”

Where she added: “Even if the law and the judiciary took his time, I will go to the other in it.. We skipped the story of my land or what he satisfied because it became a lot of harm and they were defeated, there were many stories in it.. The judiciary let him take its course.”

She also sued Elisa Burji and the lyricist Ahmed Madi, because of her song “Ana Wa Bass”, composed by the first and written by the second, after they released it under the title “Batir”.

Khasim Elisa replied that he had the right to present the song, especially since he told her that it was specially made for his wife, so he decided to sing it on his eleventh wedding anniversary.

At a later time, a press release war took place between Elissa and the “Watery” company for the electronic publishing rights of the song in question.

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