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Nancy talks about Elisa’s health

Behind the scenes of the Joy Awards ceremony in Riyadh, the star Nancy Ajram revealed the details of the health condition of the star Elissa, after she recently announced that she had undergone a new surgery on her hand.

The Lebanese star confirmed that she had contacted Elissa to check on her health, as she said: “I reassured her and told her, and she is good, and God willing, everything will be good.”

Nancy added, in an interview with the “Et in Arabic” program: “God willing, she will return to us with a thousand safety. We miss her at the party.”

Nancy Ajram is missing Elissa at the Joy Awards, and God willing, she will return us safely.

Elissa had announced that she had to travel to America to undergo surgery on her hand, and tried to reassure her fans about her by saying: “The operation will not be dangerous.”

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