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A severe gas shortage in Germany threatens industries and production in the country

German reports have warned of a significant decline in the quantities of Russian gas in a number of major factories and companies inside the country as a result of the Russian side reducing the quantities of energy sent due to the European-Russian conflict and US sanctions on Moscow due to the war in Ukraine.

The German government had announced the activation of the emergency plan in the country to confront the gas crisis in the country and to try to find alternatives to meet the needs of the market, which has become suffering from a massive shortage of gas quantities that may affect the next few months on important and major sectors inside the country, most notably those related to industry.

The US Economy Minister had accused the Russian side of lying about the technical problem reported by Moscow in the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, considering this as an excuse to reduce gas supplies sent to Germany.

Specialized reports expected that if Russia stops pumping its natural gas to Germany, this will cost the German economy 12.7% of its performance in the second half of this year.

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