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Nasrallah announces the arrival of the Iranian diesel ship

The Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, announced the arrival of the Iranian oil derivatives ship to the port of Banias in the Syrian province of Tartus on Sunday, where the unloading of its cargo ends today.
Nasrallah stressed that the Syrian government agreed to receive the ship carrying diesel so as not to cause embarrassment to some parties in Lebanon, and facilitated movement in Banias port for storage and transportation to the borders, and secured transport tanks.
Nasrallah indicated that the second ship will arrive in Baniyas within a few days, and it will also carry diesel.
He stressed that all administrative prerequisites for sending the third ship, which will carry gasoline from Iran, have been completed.
Nasrallah said: “The materials that will arrive will be delivered to all groups in Lebanon and are not limited to any group.”

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