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Nasrallah: Whatever Hamas is satisfied with, we are all satisfied with

Lebanese Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah said that “Hamas represents the axis of resistance” in negotiations with the Israeli army, and “what Hamas is satisfied with, we are all satisfied with because it coordinates with the Palestinian factions.”
In his speech during the memorial celebration for prominent leader Muhammad Nimah Nasser, who was killed in an Israeli drone strike in southern Lebanon,
Hassan Nasrallah said, “We were able to occupy a large part of the capabilities and forces of the Israeli army and keep them away from deciding the battle in Gaza. We confirmed that the north is connected to Gaza, and if the north is to calm down, the war in Gaza must stop.”
He continued: “The Israeli army is terrified not only of entering the Galilee, but also of the mere idea of ​​infiltration, and that prompted it to strengthen the human presence, with which it compensates for what it lost technologically, which increased its exhaustion… The enemy’s need for the human presence as a result of our exhaustion of it pushed him to create a social impasse by asking The Haredim serve in the occupation army, which prompted their spiritual leader to threaten to leave the entity.”
The Secretary-General of Hezbollah also added: “The war and the need for many forces prompted the enemy to prolong the period of compulsory conscription, and prolonging this period creates another social impasse within the entity..
Hassan Nasrallah continued: “Hamas represents the axis of resistance in the negotiations, and whatever Hamas is satisfied with, we are all satisfied with, because it coordinates with the Palestinian factions. We must register for the Palestinian resistance unity and courage in the face of the pressures they are subjected to.”
Nasrallah believed that “Netanyahu’s insistence on the Rafah operation is an acknowledgment of his defeat, because the operation in this narrow area, which they announced would take two weeks today, was two months and four days ago and may reach four months.”
He stressed that “the Lebanon Front is continuing to achieve its goal, and is pressuring the enemy to either submit or perish
Nasrallah added: “One of the most important Lebanese gains from the steadfastness of the Palestinian resistance is that if the enemy had achieved a quick victory in Gaza, Lebanon would have been the first to be in the threat zone.”

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