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Natural benefits for hair

It nourishes hair follicles with vitamins and minerals, and improves its health from roots to ends.
Promotes hair growth and increases its length.
Strengthens hair follicles, reduces hair loss, and increases its density.
Gives hair health, vitality, and luster. Cleanses and sterilizes the scalp, and treats its problems.
Treats hair breakage, prevents baldness, and stimulates hair growth in empty areas.
Enhances blood circulation in the head.
. The hair gets rid of the crust, and prevents its accumulation.
Increases the softness of the hair, because it contains properties similar to the keratin complex.

Clove mixtures for hair as follows:-
Cloves with water: Boil the cloves in an appropriate amount of water for five minutes until the color of the water becomes dark, then filter the resulting liquid, leave it until it cools, and then put it in a clean glass bottle, and rinse the hair with it after taking a shower.
Cloves with olive oil: put a spoonful of ground cloves in a clean jar, add a cup and a half of warm olive oil to it, stir the mixture homogeneously, then leave the cloves soaked in oil for three weeks, taking into account the stirring of the mixture twice a day, until the cloves mix with oil, filter the resulting liquid, and apply it to the hair from the roots to the tips using a soft hairbrush.
Clove with rose water and olive oil: Mix two tablespoons of ground cloves with one tablespoon of olive oil, castor oil, and half a cup of rose water homogeneously, and apply the mixture to the hair, massaging the scalp, and leaving it for about half an hour, before rinsing it with water and shampoo. .
Clove tea: Boil cloves in water for ten minutes, then put it warm on the hair, leave it for ten minutes, and then rinse it off.
– Clove oil with henna: add clove oil to henna before applying it to the hair; to increase its effectiveness.

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