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Natural herbal treatment for vitiligo

Among the ways to treat vitiligo with natural herbs are the following:-
1- Drinking boiled one teaspoon of Nigella sativa daily to increase the strength of the immune system and resistance to disease.
2- Using bergamot oil and then exposure to sunlight.
3- Mix some ammonia with honey well and paint the place of infection.
4- Mix onion juice with a little vinegar and paint the affected area with the mixture five times a day for 3 months.
5- Boil some finely chopped garlic cloves with a little ammonia, leave to cool and then apply the mixture to the place of vitiligo.
6- Mix a teaspoon of rose water with a glass of water and take it during the day.
7- Some laurel leaves are boiled in water and the affected area is covered with it. 8- Crush and mix the narcissus flowers with some vinegar and paint the place of injury with them.
9 – Milk fat is also useful in removing vitiligo, melasma and freckles as well.
10- Vitiligo can be treated with watercress juice, where the juice is coated with the site of the infection.
11- Marshmallow seeds can be used, where the seeds are crushed well and mixed with vinegar and vitiligo is coated, then the patient is exposed to the sun.

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