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Nelly Karim resorts to violence

The Egyptian star, Nelly Karim, celebrated the start of the series “The Bridge”, her second experience in the world of digital platform drama, asking the audience not to rush to judge her, and said that she had to resort to violence within the events of the series, but she would leave the judgment to the audience to decide whether she is evil or good?

She added that she agreed to the series as soon as the idea was presented by Peter Mimi, especially since this atmosphere is new and the personality of Dalilah is complex, and she rules her colony in order to protect the people who are with her and around her. No.
Nelly Karim also indicated that there is a special chemistry between her and the hero of the series, the artist Amr Saad, saying: Amr is an actor who enjoys working with him, and in scenes of Amr, I am not in it.
And she confirmed that this type of character and the period of time in which the events of the series revolve allow the actor to do unconventional things and use his imagination freely in the performance.
She also continued: The graphics in the series are very few, and the colony is an entire city built with decoration, and everything related to the colony was implemented in a different way.
It is reported that the Al-Jisr series is currently shown on Shahid VIP, and the series revolves around a period of time seventy years after the end of civilization, directed by Peter Mimi, and written by Muhammad Suleiman Abdel Malik, and the series includes many artists, including Amr Saad, Nelly Karim, Sarah Al-Shami. , Khaled Gamal, Maha Nassar, Mohamed Alaa and the child Youssef Salah.

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