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Nelly Makdissi, who fought her at the beginning of her career?

Actress Nelly Makdessi revealed glimpses of her personal life and secrets about the person she wants to marry and marry, stressing that she has already undergone two plastic surgeries.

The Lebanese singer Nelly Makdessi said that she did not intend to belittle the men in her songs, but she aimed to address a special social condition for men who always try to belittle the status and entity of women.

Nelly Makdessi also added that she did not generalize the talk to all men, but she meant to attack only one type of them, stressing that she is in the process of establishing an association to support the rights of women abused against men, due to her hatred of beating women.

Regarding her refusal to act, Nelly Al-Maqdisi said that this is not true, stressing that she may be related to a younger man, but she does not want the age difference to be large, acknowledging that she has already had two plastic surgeries earlier.

Nelly Makdissi confirmed that she does not refuse to marry, but she has special circumstances, namely that her father and brother raised her on love and pampering, but she saw in them a model of the ideal man who embraces his family properly, so she has not found a person like them yet.

Nelly Makdessi concluded her conversation with Basma Wahba that she does not seek fame or the spotlight, but she always loves to sing and present new things, and she has an artistic passion that she wants to present to her own way and style.

Nelly Makdissi recounted the details of her exposure to the fight by some people while she was starting her artistic career, and she called them like: Suleiman Asmar, for the account of another artist who wanted her to be on the scene after I kidnapped the lights from her.

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