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Netanyahu’s first comment on Gantz’s resignation

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the press conference in which the minister in the emergency government, Benny Gantz, announced his resignation, saying that this is not the appropriate time to give up, but rather the time necessary to unite forces, as he put it.

Netanyahu pledged to continue the war until all goals were achieved, most notably “the release of the hostages and the elimination of Hamas,” indicating that the door would be open to any Zionist party willing to help achieve victory.

This evening, Benny Gantz delivered a televised speech in which he announced his resignation from the emergency government, or war cabinet, accusing Netanyahu of preventing progress towards true victory and obstructing strategic decisions for political considerations, in reference to the ceasefire agreement in Gaza.

Gantz called on Netanyahu to move towards early elections and form a national investigation committee, and he also called on the leaders of other parties to stand with him to form a new coalition and a new government.

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