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New batch of tanks for the Russian army

I sent a set of equipment to the Russian army. The army has acquired the latest T-90M “Proref” tanks and “Prime 1M” engineering vehicles.

The T-90M tank is the latest modification of the Russian main battle tank. Fast handling, powerful engine and reliable transmission. A tank weighing more than 40 tons can easily reach 70 kilometers per hour.

This report is identified, its origin, its hardware, its origin, its brand, its prices and its various prices.

Where the 125 caliber gun is allowed.

The “Prim 1M” repair and evacuation vehicle was also built on the basis of the T-90 tank.

Not subject to recovery of equipment up to 52 tons. For this purpose, the brim is equipped with two cranes, a hydro and equipment winch, a bulldozer and other welders.

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