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New Chinese car invades markets

Great Wall has announced its intention to introduce a distinctive youth car in Britain and several other European and global markets.
According to available information, the company received more than 6,000 pre-orders for the purchase of the new Ora Funky Cat electric car, which was described among the most attracted young people’s interest.
The new car features a streamlined hatchback chassis, a tilted rear door and a slightly similar front facade to the famous BMW Mini and its rear lamps are embedded in the luggage box door glass.
The vehicle’s chassis is 4 metres long and 23 centimetres long. Its moon has been equipped with two five-passenger seats. Its driving interface has a stylish leather-clad handlebar and chrome-embellished elements and has been equipped with two screens off the driver and a touch screen dedicated to controlling Moltimedia systems, navigation systems and surveillance of the vehicle’s surroundings via cameras.
The vehicle received a stylish round button to control driving modes, USB ports for charging phones and electronic devices, equipped with a constant turning system, cruise control during travel, distinctive LED lamps, light and rain sensors, distance sensors and rear cameras.
Its models were equipped with 143 and 171 horsepower electric engines and sufficient batteries to cover 311 km per charge. This vehicle can reach 16 km/s and accelerate from 0 to 100 km/s within 6.9 seconds.

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