New rankings for “marijuana and hashish” !!

During previous years marijuana spread for medical use and flooded products containing hemp derivatives such as cannabidiol or “CBD”, which is a non-toxic compound, the wellness industry, and according to Queen Investment and Financial Services, the CBD industry in the United States will be worth $ 16 billion by The year 2025..

A few days ago, a United Nations committee voted to remove marijuana for medical use from the list of the most dangerous drugs, such as heroin, and also voted to remove cannabis for medical purposes from the category of the most dangerous drugs in the world, a decision that could pave the way for expanding marijuana research and medical use.

The vote by the Vienna-based Narcotics Committee followed a series of recommendations issued by the World Health Organization regarding reclassification of cannabis and its derivatives. But attention has focused on a major recommendation to remove cannabis from the Schedule IV of the 1961 Single Convention on Drugs – as it was listed alongside dangerous and addictive opioids such as heroin.

According to experts, “The vote will not have an immediate effect on relaxing international controls because governments will still have jurisdiction over how cannabis is classified. But many countries are looking to global conventions for guidance, and the UN recognition is a symbolic win for advocates of changing drug policy, who say International law is out of date. “

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