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Nicole Saba, I am the star of Lebanon and the truth about her engagement

The star Nicole Saba named herself the “first star of Lebanon in Egypt”, after her success with the artist Adel Imam in the movie “The Danish Experience”. Lebanese journalist Ali Yassin, via Al-Jadeed channel.

Nicole Saba stated: By saying, I considered myself a man of the house in my childhood, and I resigned and relied on myself in my early years, and I began to work in my early years, and Baba, may God have mercy on him, John Saba, was a traveler in my childhood and his absence really affected me, but I was living with Mama and she stopped and died, praise be to God.

Nicole Saba indicated that Egypt has a great credit for her artistic talent, and considers herself the first Lebanese star in Egypt, stressing that her biography in Egypt is the one that confirms her talk and not that talk from her head only. Follow-up: The biography has all my steps over the past years since 1997, and I think I deserve it I will be the first Lebanese star in Egypt.

Nicole Saba also explained: Leader Adel Imam is a legend, history and hero, with all the qualities of leadership and heroism in the presence, a leader and a president, and he has a tyrannical charisma, and he defies anyone who sees him and what confuses, he helped me get rid of tension when I stood in front of him in the movie The Danish Experience in 2003, and he was joking with me.

Nicole revealed the truth of her dispute with the Lebanese artist Elissa, after she announced her retirement from the artistic field 3 years ago, especially after that news was circulated through various social networking sites, and she wrote on Twitter at the time:

Saba also confirmed: “I did not mean by this tweet anything, nor did the hashtag indicate anything, and I am free to say what I want on my page as long as it is not because of a reason or anyone is injured, and there is no dispute with Elissa.”

In addition, Nicole revealed the story of leaking pictures of her engagement to the Egyptian artist Yasser Jalal through social networking sites, stressing that the pictures were not fabricated, but from a site where an artwork was filmed, and there was no engagement. And Maryam, who was co-starring with Yasser Jalal, as well as Youssef Al-Sharif, and the picture was from an engagement or marriage scene, and I only met Yasser in the series, and I am proud of my work and my knowledge of it.

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