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North Korea launches a ballistic missile

The South Korean military said North Korea fired an unidentified ballistic missile toward the East Sea Thursday, just two days after President Yoon Sok Yul’s inauguration.
The South Korean military is analyzing flight range, maximum projectile height and other details.
The latest launch came after North Korea apparently launched a ballistic missile from a submarine on Saturday and what was believed to be an ICBM on May 4, Yonhap news agency reported.
This is North Korea’s 16th weapons test in 2022. North Korea last launched a short-range ballistic missile, presumably a submarine-launched missile, into the Sea of ​​Japan on May 7.
Then Pyongyang did not officially announce the launch and did not provide an explanation for the type of projectile. Prior to that, a ballistic missile was launched on May 4.
The Japanese government announced that North Korea had launched what could be a ballistic missile.

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