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North Korea tests two missiles

With the start of military exercises between the United States and South Korea,

North Korea has test-fired two strategic cruise missiles from a submarine, the Korean Central News Agency reported Monday.

It is noteworthy that the term strategic is usually used to describe nuclear weapons.

The launch tested the offensive operations of the submarine units that are part of North Korea’s nuclear deterrent.

An 8.24 Yeongong submarine fired the two missiles into waters off the east coast of Korea in the early hours of Sunday morning, the agency said.

The two missiles traveled about 1,500 kilometers before hitting a target in the sea.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff also made it clear that the military is on high alert and that the South Korean intelligence agency is working with its American counterpart to analyze the details of the launch, according to Reuters.

Where this comes while the South Korean and American forces are scheduled to start, Monday, joint exercises that will last for 11 days under the title (Freedom Shield 23) “Freedom Shield 23”.

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