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Officially, the “Camp Nou” closes its doors, starting from next season

FC Barcelona today informed the Spanish Football Federation that the club will play the matches scheduled for the 2023/2024 season at home at the Luis Campanias Olympic Stadium in the Montjuïc district of Barcelona.

The Spanish Football Federation will inform its European counterpart of the adoption of Companias for FC Barcelona for the next season.

The Spanish club intends to proceed with the huge “Spy camp nou” project to develop the club’s main stadium and its surrounding facilities, at a value of one and a half billion euros, to be financed with loans from various investment funds.

With the loan, Barcelona will begin in the summer the restoration work, which will force the men’s first team to play its home matches at the Louis Companes Olympic Stadium until November 2024, when it is expected to return to the Camp Nou to service again.

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