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On Fairouz’s birthday…a nice greeting and message to Palestine

Director Rima Rahbani celebrated the 88th birthday of her mother, the icon of Arab art, Mrs. Fairouz, on November 21, 1938, by publishing on her page on the
Al-Rahbani published a rare video of Mrs. Fairouz behind the scenes of preparations for the song “In the Dark of the Night” 1981 from a New York studio, where Fairouz appeared sharing notes with the composers during work preparations.
Al-Rahbani took advantage of the occasion to express the family’s solidarity with the Palestinian people as a result of the Israeli war on them and the bombing that the Gaza Strip has been subjected to for about 45 days, where she wrote, “From the bottom of my heart, a dedication to Palestine. Tears and blood have passed over the hills of my country.”

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