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On the 48th anniversary of her death, stations and secrets about the life of the woman who was born poor in the countryside and was mourned by 4 million Egyptians

Today marks the forty-eighth anniversary of the death of Fatima bint Sheikh Ibrahim El-Sayed El-Beltagy, known as Mrs. Umm Kulthum, the most famous artist of the twentieth century in the Arab world, who died of heart failure on this day in the year 1975 at the age of 76, with a solemn funeral, the number of participants in which was estimated Between 2 to 4 million people.

Umm Kulthum began her singing career since childhood, as she was learning singing from his father and participating in his work as a religious vocalist at weddings in the village, accompanied by his son and daughter, who became famous for her unique talent. She transferred her to Cairo, where she gave her first concert in 1922 on the occasion of the night journey The Miraj is in one of the palaces, and it has gained great admiration.

Kawkab Al-Sharq started singing on her own before establishing her own band, and she is credited with being the first female artist to enter the Egyptian radio and sing on it when it was established. During her artistic career, she also performed many songs, religious praises and patriotic poems, in addition to immortal songs and melodies that won the highest sales in the Arab world. And she cooperated with the most famous composers and poets of the twentieth century, including Ahmed Shawky Nizar Qabbani, Muhammad Abdel-Wahhab Riyad Al-Sunbati and others, and she had a balanced presence and relations with the royal palace in Egypt and later with President Gamal Abdel Nasser, as well as a number of politicians and leaders in the Arab world, and her artistic balance is about 60 Song.

Umm Kulthum was famous for her black glasses, which she wore in most of her concerts and the pictures taken of her at that time.

With her artistic career, Umm Kulthum ranked 61st in the list of the American “rollingstone” magazine for the 200 greatest male and female singers in history.

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