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On the 89th anniversary of the founding of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party: The struggle continues

The journey of the struggle for Syria has gone 89 years, since the idea emerged in the head of the leader and father Anton Saadeh, who was 28 years old at the time, to his sacrifice, his alienation, and his dissemination of the principles of the Syrian social nationalist in the countries of South America and his return to Lebanon, to continue the struggle against its powers that were inherited from the French mandate His hostility to the idea of ​​Syrian national unity, and the treachery that befell the founder, Saadeh, is nothing but an obstacle from a series of obstacles that were placed in the way of the idea, and she was unable to kill it as it began with the killing of Saadeh in 1949.

Today, after 89 years since the launch of the principles and ideas of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, it is still the same struggle in new forms and spirits, but with one goal, to see Syria as it wished and worked for its happiness, despite the crises, enemies, occupations, and traitors that its parts are facing today, but it is the birth of true Syrians who cannot be That they go astray no matter how scattered around the earth, or tortured in their homes, the right must eventually find his way and sit on the throne of hearts, thoughts and reality.

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