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Pakistan and Iran call on the Security Council to take action against Israel

Pakistan and Iran today called on the UN Security Council to take action against Israel, saying it had “unlawfully” targeted neighboring countries and foreign diplomatic facilities.
These statements accusing Israel of “extreme escalation in an already burning region” came during a joint statement issued by the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs, today, after a three-day visit by Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi, according to Reuters news agency.
Yesterday, Tuesday, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi arrived in Lahore on his official visit to Pakistan, which aimed to strengthen relations between the two countries and increase the volume of bilateral trade.
Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi again warned Israel against attacking his country, saying that the situation would be different if that happened. Tasnim News Agency quoted Raisi as saying, during a speech he delivered before scientific and cultural elites at GCU University in Punjab province in Pakistan, today, Tuesday: “If the Zionist entity carries out any new aggression on Iranian lands, the situation will be completely different, and no “No one knows if anything of this entity will remain.”
Earlier this month, Iran launched its first direct attack on Israel using dozens of drones and cruise missiles, after a senior commander in the Revolutionary Guard was killed in an attack believed to be Israeli that targeted the Iranian embassy complex in Damascus. Last Friday, explosions sounded in the city of Isfahan in central Iran. The Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Army, Abdul Rahim Mousavi, said they were caused by air defenses intercepting a number of “flying objects.” The attack was apparently Israeli; In response to Tehran’s attack on Israel.

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