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Pakistani aid ship enters Syria

A Pakistani ship carrying 200 tons of humanitarian and relief aid, in parallel with the aid planes that land weekly at Damascus International Airport.

It carries generators on board to be provided to schools in the governorate in support of the educational process, in addition to medical and food supplies.

The Pakistani ambassador to Syria, Shahid Akhtar, said, “This ship is the second to land in the port of Latakia within ten days to support those affected by the earthquake,” noting that two commercial ships carrying large amounts of humanitarian and relief aid will arrive in Syria, successively, within the next few days.

Akhtar also stressed that the Pakistani aid reflects the feelings of friendship and love that the Pakistani people have for the brotherly Syrian people.

Akhtar explained that “the ship carries food and medical supplies, in addition to electrical equipment provided to schools and agencies that need such equipment.” He added: “The aid is provided through communication with the authorities responsible for relief, as we know the need for specific materials such as generators, electrical equipment, food,

Akhtar also expressed his thanks to the Syrian government for providing all facilities for the ship’s arrival and facilitating its mission, stressing Pakistan’s firm position in support of Syria and its issues.

Akhter pointed out that the arrival of the two ships to the port of Latakia comes in parallel with the weekly arrival of Pakistan Airlines planes to Damascus International Airport, loaded with the necessary relief materials.

For his part, the head of the Lattakia Provincial Council, Tayseer Habib, praised the humanitarian and relief efforts made by the government and people of Pakistan to support those affected by the earthquake and support government efforts, pointing to the participation of Pakistani relief groups and rescue teams in search and rescue operations in the aftermath of the earthquake, in addition to sending aid successively by ships and planes.

Habib also expressed his thanks to the government and people of Pakistan for the assistance it provides to support the affected people and help them overcome their humanitarian ordeal.

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