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Palestinian factions deepen Israeli army wounds in Gaza

The Palestinian factions continue to confront the Israeli forces involved in the Gaza Strip with all possible weapons. Among them, the Israeli media assert that the Israeli army’s deployment of accomplishments is exaggerated.
The al-Qassam Brigades said that on Sunday, they were equipped at the 6 of Israeli soldiers from a distance of zero in the Jahr al-Dik area after attacking them with an anti-personnel missile and applying machine guns to them.
For its part, the Jerusalem companies stated that their elements had clashed with a group of Israeli soldiers in Beit Hanoun, who had been positioned with significant casualties, and had also targeted an Israeli military mechanism with a “Tandum” missile in the Al-Saftawi area.
Israeli media reported that an officer and soldier had been killed today as a result of land battles in the Gaza Strip.
Israel Today asserted that the Israeli army’s achievements on the ground in Gaza were overestimated, arguing that this was a dangerous approach that would lead to complacency and substantial damage to the forces present there.

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