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Parliamentary delegation hosted by President Al-Assad in Syria

President Bashar al-Assad, during his meeting with members of the Lebanese-Syrian Parliamentary Brotherhood and Friendship Committee who arrived in Syria this morning on a visit of solidarity with the Syrian people, affirmed that Syria appreciates what Lebanon has shown at the official and popular level in terms of humanitarian response and support for the efforts of the Syrian government in providing relief to those affected by the earthquake by providing Emergency aid, and receiving aid coming to Syria from various destinations through the Lebanese airport and ports.

President al-Assad considered that the relationship between Lebanon and Syria is primarily a brotherly relationship between the peoples of the two countries, and this is the basis on which official policies are supposed to be based on serving the common interests of the two peoples and working to meet the challenges they face.

The members of the delegation indicated that they went to Syria to express the depth of the Lebanese people’s solidarity with the Syrian people and their stand by them, and to stress the need to activate bilateral relations and raise them in all fields to the level that meets the interest of the one people in both countries.

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