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Peach benefits for your health

Rich source of vitamins: the peach is a source of vitamin A; Which has an important role in growth, development, and maintaining the health of the immune system, and also contains vitamin C; Necessary for growth, rebuilding damaged cells, in addition to vitamin K; Responsible for the formation of coagulation factors that help blood clot.
Rich source of minerals: Peaches contain potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure levels, and it is one of the essential electrolyte nutrients that help cells perform their functions, and it also helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and kidney stones.
. Rich source of antioxidants: Peaches are one of the foods rich in these antioxidants and plant compounds that combat oxidation that occurs in the body, and reduce the risk of aging and disease.
. A rich source of fiber: A cup of peaches contains at least 7.5% of the daily needs of dietary fiber, and it should be noted that the consumption of foods rich in fiber is associated with many health benefits and reduces the risk of many diseases, such as: cardiovascular disease. Cancers such as colorectal cancer and type 2 diabetes
The polyphenols extracted from the peach have a role in fighting breast cancer cells, preventing their spread and stimulating their programmed death. The by-products of the peach are a source of proteins and substances that reduce
.The risk of high blood pressure as peptides.
. Peach extract ‘contributes to the relief of bowel movement disorders; As it enhances their motility and the degranulation process that is associated with the secretion of toxic antibacterials in the mast immune cells.

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