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Penalties and fines for non-veiled women in Iran

Despite the large number of widespread protests, which have been exhausting the Iranian regime for months, due to the authorities’ treatment of women after the killing of the Kurdish girl, Mahsa Amini, who was tortured by the morality police for allegedly not wearing the appropriate veil, the regime’s behavior has not changed.

The head of the Judicial Committee in the Iranian Parliament, Mousa Ghazanfar Abadi, announced that a text message will soon be sent to those who do not wear the hijab.

The next step will be, the Iranian official added, if the girl insists on her position, she will be fined, and her national card will be banned, until she pays the fine.

He also added that she will be denied all social services until she pays the fine and commits to wearing the hijab.

He also continued that the law to monitor non-wearing of headscarves in cars is on the agenda as before, explaining that text messages are repeatedly sent to those who do not comply.

He also announced a soon-to-be new draft law that would specify who should not wear the hijab in the streets and other places, provided that this would be detected through a “monitoring system”, so that a violation could be registered and in the end she would be denied social services.

In response to the possibility that this law would increase the momentum of the opposition in the country, the official claimed that the law of obliging the wearing of seat belts in the car was not rejected, stressing the necessity of implementing the veil law.

It is noteworthy that the Iranian authorities had returned to sending text messages to female citizens regarding the hijab a while ago, after announcing its cancellation to prevent further escalation.

The country had witnessed many cases of protest in which girls took off the veil, in solidarity with what happened to the Kurdish girl.

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