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Pentagon warns of arms supplies to Ukraine

The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) revealed that US arms supplies to Ukraine could be suspended if the Senate does not approve a bill to provide new aid to Kyiv.
US military spokesman John Kirby said in a nutshell: “If we don’t get power soon, there’s likely to be a bubble, a period of time when nothing will be transferred. And we’d like to make sure that can be avoided.”
As previously reported, the US administration believes that the current funds provided to assist Ukraine will be sufficient until May 19.
The House also this week approved a $40 billion aid package for Ukraine requested by President Joe Biden. However, the day before, Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky blocked the bill and demanded amendments be included in the document to tighten oversight of the spending of these funds. He explained this by the fact that Washington could not thoughtlessly spend money on “rescuing Ukraine”, which eliminates the US economy threatened by public debt, inflation and the collapse of the dollar.

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