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Phone calls that changed the lives of stars

Unique artworks and what a star or celebrity presents in different fields, they always receive supportive and congratulatory phone calls for their new career steps, but there are always some star calls that change their lives for the better, or make them feel important to their colleagues in an unconventional and unexpected way.

There are a number of stars, some situations that they did not expect from some of their colleagues or professors, among them the artist Rahma Ahmed Farag, the artist Majid Al-Kidwany and the media Amr Adib.

The young Egyptian actress, Rahma Ahmed Farag, who has a lucrative personality in the series “Al Kabeer Away”, told Halal that she had recently appeared in a television program about receiving a surprising and distinctive phone call from the Egyptian star Abla Kamel, who was keen to congratulate her on her success in the comedy series.

And Rahma said in her statements: “It was a great surprise, and she gave me advice about my choices, what I should keep and how to develop.” Rahma confirmed that this call was an unexpected and distinguishing surprise.

As the Egyptian artist Majed Al-Kadwany said, he also said that he was suffering from psychological problems after the death of his mother, and then the release of his movie “Jay in the Fast”, which was considered his first absolute heroism, and during this period he was at home and received a phone call from the great star Adel Imam, he considered it as a failure. A call that completely changed his life.

Majed Al-Kadwani confirmed that Adel Imam asked him to focus well in the field of acting without being preoccupied with anything else related to marketing his work, and added to him: “Seib Al-Souk puts you in the place he wants you in, and do not become depressed and do not focus in advertising or cinemas. Do you want any actor, especially with the difficulties facing the films?” Majed stressed that this call was very different in his psyche and energy at the time.

The Egyptian media, Amr Adib, also confirmed that the star Adel Imam was the reason for his fame due to the phone calls he made during Amr’s beginning of his career in presenting programs on one of the encrypted channels.

During his presentation of one of the episodes of the “Al-Hekaya” program, Amr Adib narrated the positions of the leader, Adel Imam with him, and said: “I was working on an encrypted channel.. Suddenly, Adel Imam enters with me, and I say to him, Good evening, Uncle Adel.. He tells me, Amr, that I sleep inside. I need something.” Pointing out that these hilarious calls made him famous and influenced him a lot, praising the leader and affirming that he had the ability to be a magician by saying three words

As for the young artist, Mohamed Ibrahim Yousry, he had recently suffered a heart attack, and after his recovery, he was keen to reveal the crucial call he received from a star at the time of his health crisis, as he confirmed that there were many people who called him at the time, but the artist Amir Karara’s call to him was very different, and he added. Many people called me, but the call that separated me, because it was a real call, was from the very big star Amir Karara..

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