Pique publishes his picture with his new girlfriend

The soccer player, the former lover of the star Shakira, and the father of her children, Gerard Pique, publishes the first official photo with his new lover, Clara Xia Marty, after a number of unofficial photos of them were circulated during the previous months.

Where Gerrard published, through his documented account on Instagram, to officially announce his relationship with Shea Marty, about seven months after his separation from Shakira.

This duo appeared in a romantic photo via Instagram, where Pique and his girlfriend wore black clothes, while looking at the camera and smiling in unison.

This first and official appearance of Pique comes with Clara Chia Marty, a few weeks after the controversy that arose after Shakira released her new song, which touched Pique and his new sweetheart directly, as the Colombian star compared her to Chia Marty in words that spread immediately on social media.

Some of the song’s lyrics, translated into English, read: “I wish you luck with my supposed replacement / I don’t even know what happened to you / You’re so weird I can’t even tell / I traded in a Ferrari for a Twingo / I traded in a Rolex for a Casio.”

The song’s lyrics sparked controversy, especially after Pique appeared wearing a Casio wristwatch, and appeared to go to his private company in a Model Twingo, which many considered a response to Shakira’s song BZRP Music Session #53.

The photo, which Pique published with his new girlfriend Clara Chia Marty, sparked a major attack against him on Instagram, as he was widely criticized and ridiculed by Shakira’s fans.

Some also said in their comments that Clara Chia Marty, a sweetheart today, will meet the same fate as Shakira tomorrow, and some described Pique as treachery, betrayal, and disrespect for the feelings of Shakira or his children, while some described this image as a desperate reaction from Pique.

In the same context, many activists commented sarcasticly, calling on Rolex to do something in response to Casio’s earlier position.

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