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Preliminary results of the Russian Duma elections

The preliminary results of the Russian State Duma elections revealed that, after counting about 68% of the votes, the ruling United Russia party led with 49% of the votes.
According to preliminary results, the “United Russia” party is heading for more than 300 seats in the State Duma (the lower house).
The “Communist Party of the Russian Federation” came in second place with 20.44% of the votes, while the Russian Liberal Democratic Party” got 7.75% of the votes, and in the fourth place comes the “Fair Russia-For Right” party with 7.45%, and in the fifth place The New People Party, with a voter turnout of 5.60%.
Reaching the State Duma requires the parties participating in the elections to cross the threshold of 5% of the vote.
The polling stations closed on Sunday evening, and the counting of votes began in the elections of members of the State Duma in its eighth session, and the voting process lasted for 3 days, from 17 to 19 September, (previously one day only) with the participation of 14 parties. The final results are due to be announced on Monday.

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