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Premiere of an Arabic movie produced by Netflix

Yesterday, the special screening of “Friends and Neighbors”, the first Arab film produced by Netflix, began at the Bvlgari Hotel Dubai. The show was attended by Egyptian star Mona Zaki, Lebanese artist and director Nadine Labaki, Jordanian artist Iyad Nassar, artists Adel Karam, George Khabbaz, Diaman Abu Aboud and Fouad Yammine, in addition to the film’s director, Wissam Samira.

On a busy evening organized by Netflix, the stars shone on the red carpet and celebrated the launch of the film, with the participation of the Netflix team and a group of stars and media professionals in the Middle East.

The ceremony was also attended by the film makers, including Front Row Filmed Entertainment, Film Clinic, Empire Entertainment and Yalla Yalla, in addition to producer Mayada Al Haraki.

The movie “Friends and My Loved Ones” is the Arabic version of the famous Italian movie “Perfect Strangers”, of which 18 international copies were presented before, and the Arabic version became the 19th, and the film is shown only on Netflix on January 20 in 190 countries with subtitles 31 languages ​​and dubbed into 3 languages
About the movie “Friends and Dearest”:

The facts unfold at a dinner party when a group of best friends leave their phones on the table, revealing exciting interactions and dark secrets.

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