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President Al-Assad reveals the Israeli goal of the escalation in Syria and Lebanon… and extends an important invitation to Gaza

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad considered that the behavior of the United States of America regarding what is happening in Gaza threatens to expand the scope of the conflict by continuing to supply the Israeli army with lethal weapons, and carrying out assaults and attacks in various regions of the Middle East in an effort to save the Israeli entity.

During his meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Amir Abdollahian, President al-Assad saw that the Israeli escalation in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon is an attempt to get out of the impasse in the Gaza Strip, stressing the necessity of standing “with the utmost of our abilities alongside the Palestinian people, who achieved during the recent war in Gaza what has not been achieved since its inception.” The Palestinian cause”.

President Al-Assad also warned against the continuation of genocidal massacres, urging the Palestinians if the Israeli army carried out a military operation in Rafah, at a time when international institutions, led by the Security Council, stand helpless in the face of these massacres.

According to what was reported by the Syrian official news agency SANA, President al-Assad discussed with his guest Abdullahian the relations between the two countries in economic and political aspects, and the Israeli raids on Syrian territory, in addition to developments in the region.

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