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President Assad, Russia is our permanent ally

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said today, Thursday, that Russia is an ally of Syria, and indicated that the war against Russia is not linked to the expansion of NATO.

Al-Assad said: “Russia is an ally of Syria, and it is being subjected to a war that I do not link to the issue of NATO expansion, as some expect. This war was not stopped by communism and before World War I.”

He also added: “This war continues, and Russia’s role here is essential as part of the international balance. We can look at Russia from two angles, the angle of the ally who, if he wins a battle, or if his political position on the world stage becomes stronger, this is profitable for us, and from another angle Russia’s strength today is formed A restoration of international balance, even if this restoration is partial, and this balance that we seek is reflected primarily on the smaller states such as Syria.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stated that Russia’s strength today is the restoration of international balance and about the expected Turkish invasion of the north of the country, al-Assad said: “When military conditions allow for direct confrontation, we will do this.”

Regarding the Turkish military operation in northern Syria, Assad said: “If there is an invasion, there will be popular resistance in the first stage in the areas where the Syrian army is present, and it is not present in all areas.”

And he continued, “When military conditions allow for direct confrontation, we will do this. Two and a half years ago, a clash occurred between the Syrian and Turkish armies, and the Syrian army was able to destroy some Turkish targets that entered Syrian territory. The situation will be the same as the military capabilities allow, except that there will be popular resistance.” “.

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