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Press Poll: Most Republican voters will join Trump’s new party

An American public opinion poll conducted by The Hill newspaper in cooperation with HarrisX revealed that most Republican voters have expressed their willingness to move to a new party led by former President Donald Trump.

results of the poll revealed that 64% of the Republican voters participating in it responded positively to the question of whether, if Trump formed a new party, they would join it, and nearly 32% of those said they would “most likely” join a new party headed by Trump, while 36 expressed % Of Republican voters express their likely refusal to move to a new party headed by Trump.

poll also indicated that 28% of independent respondents and 15% of Democratic Party supporters indicated their willingness to join a new party headed by Trump.

And if Trump does implement this potential step, it will be a new blow to the Republican Party, which in the last elections lost control of the Senate, which led to the domination of Democrats in both houses of Congress.

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