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Problems in the Iraqi parliament regarding laws

The Iraqi parliament is currently facing the problem of stalling laws and postponing their approval, and during the remainder of the second legislative term, the House of Representatives intends to approve a package of economic and service laws.

The source said that Iraqi deputies are currently talking about the possibility of deporting some controversial laws to the next legislative term due to lack of time.

This comes in light of the parliament’s endeavor to include a package of economic and service laws on its agenda for approval during the upcoming sessions. It is expected that the social security law and the investment law will be among the most important priorities of the parliament in the coming period, according to deputies.

It is also likely that the budget law, the information crimes law, and other laws will be transferred to the new legislative term due to the lack of sufficient time, in addition to the possibility of making many amendments to some of the paragraphs of these laws before reading and voting on them.

It is also noteworthy that the Iraqi parliament had opened its regular session, today, Thursday, headed by the second deputy, Shakhwan Abdullah, according to the media department of the parliament in a statement.

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