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Proposed safe corridors for return to northern Gaza

Sources revealed that Israel showed flexibility on a number of points during the negotiations. The sources said that there is a proposal to create 3 safe corridors to northern Gaza for the return of the displaced in stages.
It showed that Israel requested a means that would allow mediators to know the status of detainees in Gaza.
The Israeli Broadcasting Authority said today that the truce negotiations in Cairo are progressing positively.
She also pointed out the possibility of progress being made in the coming days, especially regarding the return of residents to northern Gaza.
He also continued: “We have come a long way this time as well, and there is the possibility of making progress in the coming days.”
In addition, the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office announced that the negotiating delegation consisting of Mossad, Shin Bet, and the Israeli army will return today from Cairo after drafting a new proposal for a truce and exchange of detainees.
Netanyahu’s office said in a brief statement that he expects the mediators to work more seriously with Hamas to advance the negotiations in favor of the settlement.
These developments came at a time when Israel and Hamas are intensifying negotiations mediated by Qatar and Egypt with the aim of suspending the Israeli military campaign for six weeks in exchange for the release of 40 of the 130 prisoners the Palestinian movement is still holding in Gaza.
It is noteworthy that Hamas adheres to the return of the displaced to the north, as well as a permanent ceasefire, while the Israeli side rejects this matter.

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