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Qatar’s position on carrying out military action against Iran

The former Qatari Prime Minister, Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani, stated his position on carrying out any military action against Iran.
The former Qatari official warned, through his Twitter account, that the implementation of any military action against Iran would directly affect the countries of the region, and that it was not in the interest of the countries of the region, stressing that “the expected agreement between Iran and Western countries on its nuclear activity will be an important opportunity to reduce tension in the region.
The differences between the countries participating in the Vienna talks have reduced compared to the previous round, and the negotiation process has become more smooth, while delegations stress the need to continue talks, in order to reach a final agreement. Bagheri Kani stressed that if an agreement is reached, the US administration must lift the ban. First, that Iran, after verification, will take nuclear measures within the framework of the agreement.

And the talks taking place in Vienna between the major countries and Iran, aim to revive the nuclear agreement signed in 2015 and return the United States to it after its withdrawal from it during the era of former President Donald Trump, who re-imposed severe sanctions on Tehran.
Yesterday, Tuesday, the United States expressed caution after optimistic statements from Iran and Russia about the talks, considering that it was premature to say that Tehran returned to the negotiations with a constructive position.
And the original agreement signed in 2015, had lifted sanctions on Iran in return for imposing severe restrictions on its nuclear activities, before Trump withdrew from it, for Iran to respond later by abandoning its nuclear commitments that it had committed to under the agreement.
And last Monday, Iran and the major countries resumed the eighth round of negotiations that had previously been launched last April under the auspices of the European Union.

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