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Qatar’s role in Saudi abuse

A prince of the ruling family in Saudi Arabia commented on reports circulated by British media that lawmakers in the country’s House of Commons received money in exchange for participating in seminars aimed at attacking the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed said, via his Twitter account: “What MPs Laila Moran and Crispin Blunt did is not new, and we are used to attacking Saudi Arabia from these samples in Europe and America.”

And regarding Qatar’s support for members of the British House of Commons to attack Saudi Arabia, the Saudi prince stressed that “this news is old before the Al-Ula agreement, and there is no point in harming Gulf reconciliation in light of the Gulf states’ preoccupation with what is more important, which is rearranging papers and priorities for the benefit of the countries and peoples of the region.”

And the official British Broadcasting Corporation had reported, in a report published by Saudi media, that “Members of the House of Commons Laila Moran and Crispin Blunt had used their official office to participate in a video conference call to participate in a committee to discuss the issue of political prisoners in Saudi Arabia, where they received 3 and 6 thousand pounds, respectively. “.

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