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Rafah between the wilds of death and the groans of life by: Diana albast

Rafah between the wilds of death and the groans of life” is not just a title, but a vivid picture that reflects the reality of the situation and the spirit of resilience and determination to survive despite all the suffering. It reflects a bitter reality that deals with both cruelty and beauty at the same time. Rafah, the historic Palestinian-Syrian city known for its ongoing political and social challenges over decades, embodies the reality of the Palestinians and combines the contradictory faces of existence, “death and life,” due to the bitter reality of the inhabitants of this city and the harsh conditions and endless suffering… Rafah, as a meeting point between Egypt and Palestine, has witnessed continuous conflicts over decades. Its walls hold up the marks of wars and political developments that the region has experienced… But in this tragic context, the spirit of resistance and determination to live with dignity is manifested. In the midst of these harsh conditions, the residents find themselves trapped between the “wilds of death,” the threats of wars and conflicts, and the “groans of life,” their dreams and hopes for a better future. They live their lives day by day, struggling to survive and maintain their identity and dignity. The suffering of Rafah’s residents encompasses many aspects, from the lack of basic resources to the destruction of infrastructure and the displacement of its inhabitants, leading to a lack of security and stability. Yet despite this, the spirit of resilience prevails, keeping hope alive in people’s hearts, making Rafah more than just a living city, but one that struggles with death to live amidst the aggressor’s brutalities and his killing of children and the defenseless in the camps they sought for protection… In light of all these challenges facing Rafah, not only local but also international and regional conflicts, which require comprehensive and multidimensional solutions, including international cooperation and finding a political solution to the ongoing conflicts in the region based on the principle that they surrender their aggressors with the right of our nation and its renaissance and work on resolving the artificial state that usurps the land and honor and the return of the mercenaries to the eighty-two countries they came from… And now, Rafah will remain a symbol of resilience and challenge, expressing the suffering of the Palestinian and his desire to live with dignity and peace, fortified by the support of the effective power of the nation, “the sons of the entire nation.” Raising the slogan that there will be no real peace in the region without the liberation of Syrian Palestine and the eradication of cancer wherever it is found and by all available means.

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